Cedar Lake Triathlon Series #2

Chester, CT

**ONLINE REGISTRATION ONLY, PARTICIPANT CAP IS 90** Cedar Lake Triathlon is a series of 7 sprint races scheduled every other Thursday night starting May 31st and ending August 16th. This series is an excellent opportunity to practice your craft as a triathlete in a race environment. Experience the feeling of your first race or continue to figure out the art of transitions. This race has it all! Welcome... Join us.... we are here to make you a better athlete.

Ever want to do a triathlon? How about train for a big race with the same intensity but at a fraction of the cost. Cedar Lake Triathlon is your local home spun race series hosted by J.D. Ingalls. This series was developed to make you a better triathlete. Learn the rules and regulations of racing while competing with friends and family in a wonderful setting. This race features a short 500 yard swim in beautiful Cedar Lake followed by a rolling ten mile road bike and finishes with a fast and flat 5k. CLT was built with the athlete in mind. Our hope is to share sportsmanship, a healthy lifestyle, achievement of personal goals and develop a stronger racing community. Come on out!  

Please consider joining us for another great race: 
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August 12, 2017 Lake T Olympic

Course Description

Swim: The swim will be great for athletes who enjoy a short, out and back open water lake swim. You will keep the buoy to your left. Yes, we said short swim. Roughly 500 yards.

T1 & T2: Transitions will be within the fenced in perimeters of the lake. Athletes will be able to fit 10 bikes per bike rack. Have respect for other athletes when it comes to laying out your transition mats.

Bike Course:


Run Course: 


The 3.1 mile run along side the lake will approach Cockaponset State Forest before you have to turnaround at the water station. The run is fast, flat and smooth. Runners will stay on the side of the road closest to the lake for the out AND back. Allowing bikers to stay on the opposite side of the runners.

**Bikers and Runners: SLOW DOWN as you approach Route 148 on your way back into transition.
Rules to adhere to, athletes who don't abide by these rules will be disqualified from finishing and even the remaining Series.
  1. Helmets required on the bicycle.
  2. Cyclists stay right at all times unless passing and utilize the shoulder of the road.
  3. Pass other cyclists within 20 seconds.
  4. No drafting, allow 4 bike lengths from the cyclists ahead of you.
  5. No iPhones, iPods, or earbuds while racing
  6. No crossing the yellow lines on the bike or run
  7. ALWAYS stay on the inside of the cones (to the right of the cones)
  8. No PASS ZONE after taking a right onto Rt 148 approaching Transition #2
  9. No animals in the park.  It is prohibited by the Town of Chester

When & Where

Jun 14, 2018


6:15 PM

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Chester, CT

Cedar Lake (200 West Main St)

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